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The Road to Self Discovery

When I look at these two pictures, it’s hard to believe where I started and where I’m at now. The picture on the left is from September 2019, when I really started my health and fitness journey after having my third child. I have been down the path before.

However, even though I’ve been down the path before, I never really found consistency and longevity in my health and fitness journey(s). There was always some thing that came up or life event that happened that derailed me in some capacity. OR I would make incredible progress because I was STARVING myself. Then I would hit a number I was comfortable with, and binge and drink heavily. It all went out the window and is a vicious cycle I have been dealing with my whole life in terms of my weight. In this case, it was my third pregnancy, a move away from family & friends, and leaving my job that truly was my whole life (I miss Seaside High School and the people who impacted me tremendously).

I lost some weight, but I eventually put half of it back on. Then, COVID happened. Many of my closest friends know that I reached the darkest point in my life last year between October-December. If it weren't for them, and my husband, I probably would have taken my life. I’m lucky to still be here today. I started antidepressants, therapy and I stopped drinking before the new year, which were three of the best things I could have ever done for my mental health. And in January, when everybody was making their New Year’s resolutions, I made one, too: I was ready to make an actual lifestyle change, mentally and emotionally. I started the 75hard journey, which transformed my life, my health, and my emotional well-being. It became more than just the number on the scale. It became about my overall well-being. My mental health. My emotional health. My physical health was a by product.

My passion for fitness, nutrition health, and emotional well-being has flourished. Don't get me wrong, it has ALWAYS been there. ALWAYS. Between competitive swimming in high school and college, health and wellness minor, love for physical activity, coaching competitive swimming for high school and club sport for over 15 years, and teaching for just under 19, I knew my passion for mentoring others in their health journeys was always my calling. And for those of you been following me for a while, and for my friends and family, you’ve known that a lifelong dream of mine is to become my own health and wellness coach.

Well, I have finally done it! I am officially a certified personal trainer and I’m on my path right now to become a certified nutritional coach.

I have started my business as an online health coach, which will focus on nurturing lifestyle choices that will provide sustainable long term results, physically & mentally. If you’re interested in talking about shifting mindsets, and truly changing yourself for sustainable long-term results and/or if you need support, or find yourself in similar situations, please reach out to me. I get it. And together, we can make some pretty powerful changes as a team.

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