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Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Do you find yourself confused on what constitutes as "good" food and "bad" food? You aren't alone, and honestly, there are no "good" and "bad" foods.

Really, what matters is that the food that is eaten is eaten within moderation. Trust me, I love my own Oreo's and campfire S'mores, but, I don't eat those things every day and I don't eat them excessively. Now, if I were to be have written this a year ago, I would be eating those things in excessive amounts and washing it down with some good ol' Truly's. However, mindset and shifts in the way in which we view are imperative to making long lasting changes in behaviors around food choices.

The internet is RICH in foods that are tasty and high in necessary macro and micro nutrients that will keep you satisfied and sustain that sweet tooth!

Pictured is one of my go to breakfasts. Protein French Toast. Something as simple as egg whites, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, whey protein, 40 calorie bread, sugar free syrup, walnuts, and bananas provides a perfect amount of macros for the morning while helping that sweet tooth of sweet yummy breakfast traditional treats. (You can find the specific recipe on my Instagram) The point, have fun with the food you are consuming. Enjoy it. We do eat to sustain life, but we also eat to enjoy textures, tastes, and company.

You can have your cake and eat it, too.

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