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Health, Nutrition, & Wellness

A holistic approach to weight-loss and overall well-being

Why I Started

Passion lies in connections. Helping other women who have been in my shoes to reach their own goals and fulfillment is a passion of mine. 


You struggle because it is HARD. Losing weight is HARD. You are not alone, and it is possible to work within the hard.


Focused support that is needed for success lies heavily in creating sustainable life changes. 


There are NO quick fixes, ladies! It takes hard work and dedication. Period. You have to be willing, ready and able to make the step for YOU. The time for YOU is right now. 


My Story

My passion for holistic wellbeing stems from my own journey through body image shame, depression, lose, and multiple child births to name a few. Each major event, transition, and trauma challenged me and taught me about my power, my ability to continue to move forward, and that the light will always shine again no matter how dark it may seem. 

My story is shared by many women and I feel called to support them by teaching, supporting and coaching them through mindfulness, exercise and eating habits. These are the three foundational elements that have allowed me to move through life's challenges without loosing myself each time a challenge arises.


We are a good fit if...

  • You're never sure where to start.

  • You're not sure what will work best for YOU.

  • You're not sure what goals you really need to attain for yourself, your lifestyle, and your desires.

  • Your tired of looking for that next "magic" fix

  • You need someone out there who can help teach you to control your cravings and actually provide information that will be sustaining and fulfilling.


 In order to truly find long-lasting change, it is important that every aspect of your wellbeing is addressed. We focus on your health, your fitness, and your wellness. 

Here are three of our most popular programs. 

Nutrition and Wellness Plan


Mindful Nutrition Practices

If you struggle with nutrition, you are not alone. If you are looking for lasting changes, aligned with your values, which promote health and wellness, this plan is for you. We will work collaboratively to make mindset shifts to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals through small incremental changes over a four month period. 

One-on-One Coaching


Monthly Training Only

I will design a custom workout plan to help you make progress and meet your personal goals while keeping your specific medical/weight loss/physical needs in mind. I will guide you with your weight lifting, reps, intensity, and more while offering recommendations to take you to the next level. I'm your personal trainer in your pocket at all times; 24/7. 

Monthly Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Mindful Support, Holistic Approach

 (The whole package!)

Nutrition and fitness coaching requires time and consistency to see results and to make long lasting changes. Because of this, this program is a minimum of a 4 month commitment. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the reoccurring payments at the set monthly price.

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